Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Information on Home Educator Days Out - 2018

In no particular order 

Home Educators can visit Winchester Science Centre anytime but during term time they have Home Ed days - the next two are June 15th and July 13th on which you can turn up no booking required - We love the Planetarium (shows are charged extra) - I think we might have been here 50 times in our gallivanting years since 2010. Children are £4.98 each and one adult per group is free - you can also picnic indoors making this a really affordable winter day out.

Marwell Wildlife near Winchester - is  a great deal - you do not need to book as a group but you do need to book 3 days before for their education rate - for phone phobes this can all be done on line once you are registered - prices vary depending on the season between £5.45 and £7.65 with one free adult per three children and additional adults are charged the same rate as children. (you book in advance but pay on the day) Marwell has a brand new tropical house, which we've already visited twice since it opened at Easter, and indoor picnic area - There is often a large home ed gathering at Marwell in July.

Fishers Farm - For discounted entry you need to make a group booking with a minimum number of 25 and pay a deposit but you do not need to enter as a group and can leave names on the door - this is organised by a Facebook group which has a deposit float. Depending  on season the group rate is between £8.50 and £12.50 per person.

Air Arena in Chichester welcomes home educators every weekday term time afternoon for the great price of £5 (you will to purchase special grip need socks) No need to book - updates are posted in the Facebook group.

Drusillas I have organised many group trips to the lovely Drusillas over the years. Minimum group size is 15 and you do need to enter as a group. Drusillas have happily customised mixed age and mixed ability workshops for us in the past with a solid understanding and knowledgeable staff who are not phased by this. Wprkshops cost around £1 per person extra.

Brooklands Museum - welcome group home educator visits There is one happening in July if you would like to be included. Children are £4 each. There is a great selection of aeroplanes, buses, cars and bikes.

Whipsnade - We were really impressed with our visit to Whipsnade in January - They have elephants! Booking is really easy - As I posted in our local group "I have just come off the phone from booking this - could not have been easier I just phoned 01582 872171 and spoke to a real actual human being immediately after one ring of the phone - they took my card details over the phone and the tickets had been emailed before I hung up the call. Only £31.25 for all four of us." That was in January - Summer is obviously slightly more expensive. We are going back next month.

National Trust - From 2011 to 2015 we really enjoyed our Home Educators membership (details in link) of the National Trust making repeated visits to our nearest Petworth House and even writing guest blog posts for Uppark near Midhurst where they also invited us to road test their school holiday activities. 

Bignor Roman Villa - offer bespoke workshops for Home Educators - ours lead to us appearing on the front of their promotional leaflet in 2015

Guildford AirHop and Spectrum also offer Home Ed rates

If I have forgotten anywhere within a one hour ish radius of Pulborough that offers Home Ed rates do post up in the comments below

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