Tuesday, 20 February 2018

From Feb 2011 - Feb 2017 I wrote an honest and popular daily blog called The Gallivanters about my life as a home educating parent only missing a handful of posts in over half a decade.

The tag line read

Totally married, loves gallivanting, raising a Too Cool For School Trio in West Sussex, England. Living very happily outside the box I never quite fitted in. Everyday around 3pm I spend 15 minutes chronicling the previous 24 hours in our home educating lives and each post is titled after a great track.

In Feb 2017 I switched over to a private blog the 3pm Daily Journal and moved some of the most popular posts from The Gallivanters onto this blog. In addition I also have some posts on Minecraft Mum which remains public.

Our children turn 14, 12 and 9 this year and have never been to school, nursery, kindergarten or enrolled in any kind of formal public or private institutionalised schooling. They are life learners who are educated at home. The reasons we started home educating and the reasons we still home educate have evolved and and changed over the last 14 years. In an era of standardised tests, normalised bullying and an obsession with tomorrow the list of reasons to avoid school grows whilst the advantages of being home educated continue to be clearer everyday.

Everything you ever wanted to know 

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