Saturday, 8 July 2017

Little Free Library

It was way back in 2009 when S was 4 that she first completed the library summer reading scheme at our local library - for several years 2011-2013 she was the first person to complete the scheme as it started slightly before the state school holidays began being home educated gave her a head start !

For a couple of summers now she has wanted to be the volunteer that the younger children come in and talk to about the books they have read but you need to be 14 which she will not be until next year.

We hosted a winter book club in our home from 2013 - 2016 which S really enjoyed but several families relocating bought that to an end.

Books, stories and reading have been a huge part of our Home Educating life.

Last year we donated lots of books to our local library and various charities as we always have more books than shelf space but this year they are once again full........

So when a photograph of a gorgeous little free library crossed my radar we set out to investigate if this could be a good fit for us.

There are two other LFL in England one in Brighton and one in Haslemere - both are towns pretty near to us and that we love.

We have registered and are awaiting our charter number so we can be added to the map - meanwhile we have a laminated sign.

So we found and painted and stocked an unused bedside cabinet, washed the front door step, cleaned and painted the gas meter and picked up some cushions from Ikea so visitors can sit down. We live in an area of high footfall so hopefully should pick up some passing people especially during the summer.

I hope this will be an opportunity for S to connect with local children over the Summer Holidays and beyond whilst giving away some of the many many books she has enjoyed over the years so that others may enjoy them too.

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