Saturday, 24 June 2017

For 6 years I blogged every single day at The Gallivanters about our home education journey. That blog is now password protected as is my new daily journal. My Minecraft Mum Blog is open to all readers.

Here I bring out some of our most popular and useful posts for public view.

We have 3 home educated children. 

S is 12 and has never been to any kind of school, nursery or institution. Her interests and passions have changed over the years. The current crop are cooking, Sims 4, Hamilton the Musical, her weekly session with a fantastic English tutor and cats.

S learnt to read at 4 and adores stories. She'd read all the Harry Potters by six!

E is 10 and has been assessed as dyslexic. He has also never attended any kind of institutionalised learning setting. He enjoys being social with his friends online and IRL playing PS4 Overwatch, Minecraft and Roblox. Because of E's interest in Clash of Clans TD (the children's short for The Daddy!)  both play and run a clan for E and his friends. E also likes nerf guns and watches YouTube clips to learn more about them. In the summer months we run a weekly Nerf Club. E also likes Lego specifically lego Star Wars. He also enjoys helping out at the allotment and is chief exec of the hose pipe.

Parenting E was a huge challenge for many years but these days he's a joy to be with

O is 8 and exclusively home educated like his siblings. He likes engineering and often recreates his ideas across mediums - sometimes drawing them and others building in Lego or Minecraft. O loves to draw and often draws in the evenings whilst I read stories aloud. O likes to play with his online friends on Minecraft and Roblox and recently recreated his Roblox skin in Lego. O loves Mario games and in many game and movie franchises the baddie is his preferred character as with Bowser and Boba Fett.

I am married to the amazing TD. Engineer by day and allotment holder and Overwatch and Clash of Clans Ninja by night and weekend!

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